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Free House Values

So you are looking for free house values. You may not get instant gratification here, but you will receive a very good estimate to answer the question, "What is my home worth?"

I am a licensed real estate professional in Arizona, but I have built a network of Realtors all over country that are willing to prepare these reports for you. No worries either, there is no pressure to hire any of us.

How Can We Prepare Home Values For Free?

First of all this is different than any automated website that provides home values. Yes they are quick and free, but you just can't get the same sort of detail that you will recveive by having a real live person review your home value.

Here are the features of our free house value service:

  • Your free house value report will be prepared by a Realtor.
  • The report is prepared free of charge in an effort by the Realtor to earn your trust and future consideration for business. (It is also a great pressure free way to get to know a Realtor in your area.)
  • The home value report is not a qualified appraisal, and can not be relied upon as one.
  • Your free home value report is not necessarily what you would be offered by a buyer for your home.
  • View the report as an estimate that would be tweaked if you decide to sell your home after you have consulted with your Realtor.

Free Home Value Estimate
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Street Address*
Zip/Postal Code*
Do you have a pool?*
If you do have a pool, please describe it.
(Is it a diving pool, play pool, how large?)
Do you have a Spa?*
Anything about your home that will be different from public tax records? If yes, please describe.
Are there any additions that are or are not permitted?
Are there any features of your home that you feel would increase its value?
Please be thorough.
Are there any features of your home that you feel would decrease its value?
Please be thorough.
Phone Number
(Not required, but suggested in case of questions or coordinating delivery time.)
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If You Have Questions about your Free House Value Report

Should you have any questions about the free house values report that you receive. You will need to contact Bobbi Herman.

If you are outside the state of Arizona, then you should contact the Realtor that prepared the form for you. Don't worry, I will provide you with their contact information as well as a biography assuming they have provided me with one.

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