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Why are Arizona Remax Realtors Different?

There are a number of reasons Arizona Remax Realtors as well as Remax Realtors across the United States are different than other real estate professionals. When you are working with an Arizona Remax Realtor you know that:
  • RE/MAX agents sell more homes than any other real estate company.
  • RE/Max dominates television advertising.
  • As an Arizona RE/MAX professional, I have the ability to run my business like a business. I have complete freedom to hire assistants, form partnerships, and run my business the way that is best for my clients.
  • The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is one of the most recognized symbols in real estate, a reflection of large market share.
  • With our Arizona RE/MAX office filled with top-producing agents, the result is more yard signs and advertising throughout the local market.
  • Arizona RE/MAX Realtors are truly in business. Just like any other business I have monthly fees and expenses. If you aren't a "go getter" you aren't going to be able to afford the RE/MAX compensation plan.
  • The people in my office are the best group of real estate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of being around. If by chance I am thrown a curveball, I know I have people I can turn to.

I could go on and on about the first class training, the growth of the company, the branding, but I will leave you with one of the neatest aspects of our business and that is our affiliation with the Children's Miracle Network.

Children's Miracle Network

Arizona Remax Children's Miracle Network program Children's Miracle Network and RE/MAX are joined by their desire to provide local community hospitals with modern tools and information. Since RE/MAX became the exclusive real estate sponsor of Children's Miracle Network in 1992, RE/MAX Associates have raised nearly $75 million for the cause.

Founded in 1983, Children's Miracle Network generates health care funds and awareness programs to benefit children. The nonprofit organization's 170 participating hospitals across North America help 17 million children annually.

RE/MAX Associates have helped raise funds for Children's Miracle Network in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pledging a contribution derived from each transaction involving a RE/MAX Miracle Home®.
  • Staging fundraising events - from local golf tournaments to parking-lot flea markets.
  • Handling the phones at the organization's annual telethon fundraising event, the largest of its kind in the world.

RE/MAX Sales Associates are unique in that a majority of the donations received by Children's Miracle Network from RE/MAX are the direct result of Associates' hard work rather than solicited from customers.

Miracle Home®

As a member of The Miracle Home® Program, exclusive to RE/MAX International, a portion of every transaction I work on is donated to Children's Miracle Network. The partnership underscores Sales Associates’ involvement in the communities where they live and serve.

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