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Why Hire Bobbi Herman As Your Arizona Realtor?

You have come here to try and decide if I deserve consideration to be your Arizona Realtor. This is the most stressful part of the web site for me. All of my best qualities and personality have to come through a computer screen right here. It is the moment where you are deciding, "Should I contact Bobbi?"

Think of it from my end. All these years of work. All the time gathering the information for the web site, and then the even longer time it took to build it.

It goes against my grain, but I guess this is the part where I try and brag about myself. You could always read our on line testimonials page instead. Although humbling and slightly embarrassing when past clients actually take the time to brag for me, I think it says more about what I do then talking about myself. Yet here we are, so I guess I need to give you some compelling reasons to consider me to be your Arizona Realtor.

Ten Reasons to Consider Bobbi Herman as your Arizona Realtor

  • Client Vacations
CLIENT APPRECIATION - This is where you can find out the details of our Client Appreciation Program Vacation Giveaway. Buying or selling a home is stressful. Why not take a vacation?
  • Realtor Resume
RESUME - I have created my very own "Realtor Resume" for you to look over. I am sure you have heard another Realtor on the radio talking about applying for a job. That's really is what is happening here. After all I do work for you.
  • Realtor Teamwork
TEAM APPROACH (coming soon) - Michelle Sanders and I work together to make sure that all of your needs are handled in a timely fashion. Michelle has many more years of experience than I do, so you get the benefits of working with both of us.
  • Arizona Department of Real Estate
NO COMPLAINTS WITH ADRE - At the AZ Department of Real Estate you can view the status of my real estate license if you wish. Make sure I am on "the up and up".
  • Arizona Realtor Testimonials
TESTIMONIALS - Letters directly received from clients. I am very appreciative when others write nice things about me. I even received a thank you note from a client that ended up not purchasing a home with me. That was shocking and a great little story.
  • Arizona Realtor On Line
ARIZONA REALTOR BIOGRAPHY - You might have stumbled upon this page already, but this page is like a resume that focuses on the personal stuff instead of the business stuff. You have to like the people you work with right?
  • Realty One Group
REALTY ONE GROUP (Coming Soon)- Interested to find out what makes the Reatly One Group different than other real estate companies?
  • Arizona businesses
BUSINESS PARTNERS - Michelle and I have formed relationships with some great quality people that we normally work with. You aren't obligated, but realize I don't recommend people unless they are great. Good doesn't cut it.
  • Arizona Relocation Assistance
RELOCATION ASSISTANCE (coming soon) - We have some resources available for people moving in and out of Arizona. Some of it may just be a life saver, or at least a stress reliever.
  • Arizona Realtor Information
HELPFUL INFORMATION (coming soon) - This section covers some of the services that I provide as an Arizona Realtor. This way you will know exactly what to expect from me if you do decide to hire me.

My Promises To You

  • I will respond to your emails, return your calls, and show up on time for appointments.
  • I will work my butt off helping you buy, sell, or rent for the best price as fast as possible.
  • I won't pester or push you to do something that you are not 100% comfortable with.
  • I will tell it like it is even if it's not what you want to hear. (I can't help it. It's genetic.)
I am a full time real estate professional and you will receive my full attention.

Free Home Value Report

Interested to find out what your home is worth? I'll prepare a market analysis of your home free of charge.

Join Our Client Appreciation Program

Join Our Client Appreciation Program and find out how you can go on a vacation on me.

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