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Trusted Arizona Business Partners

The trusted Arizona business partners listed on this page are people that I have personally done work with. I don't recommend anyone unless I have worked with them for my own needs, and then also receive positive feedback from others that I have referred them to. I take this very seriously because my reputation is on the line.

I am still trying to build out this list. We have some great partners, but I need more. I do have a few more in mind already, but I am not ready to officially reccommend them until other people give me feedback that they are great.

We are also working on creating special discounts, offers, and/or services from each of the business partners listed here that will be made available only to members of our client appreciation program. As this section is built out we will create a page from each business partners description page that is password protected that will take you to the special offer. I am real excited about this feature and hope to have it operating soon.

The list is a little skimpy right now, but we will continue to build it out. In order to take advantage of the specials and even be alerted when new business partners are added, you mway want to consider subscribing to my RSS feed. It is the little orange button on the left hand column. It is easy to join. If you have never heard of it, you can click on the learn how to subscribe to rss to dinf out more.

Arizona Mortgage Company - The Pickering Group

Jeff Pickering has been wonderful to work with. Every client I have sent him have taken the time to thank me for introducing them to him. He is a straight talker, like myself. He isn't going to tell you what you want to hear, and there won't be any pressure to do anything. If he can help you he will, if he can't he'll tell you that too. (Believe me, I have been looking to refinance myself, but with the credit markets tightening up so much lenders don't like making loans to self employed people as much these days.)

If you are looking for an Arizona mortgage professional, if you would like Jeff to give you a call to answer any questions you may have, you can send an email directly to Jeff Pickering using this link.

Arizona Title Company - Grand Canyon Title Agency, Inc.

Ok I admit I started working with Grand Canyon Title becuase their office is right next door to our office. But you know what? They do a great job too. All of my transactions have gone smoothly, and I haven't heard any of the other Realtors in our office complain about them either. The biggest benefit is tthat because they are so close I can easily stop by and make sure the escrow process is proceeding as it should.

More Businesses to be Added Soon

Do you know any great businesses that deal with the real estate industry in the Peoria area? We are looking for home improvement, home products, tradesman, and whomever else you think I should know about. Please let me know about them. We are always looking for more great companies to do business with. Let me know the business by contacting me. Please don't self promote, I am sure you think you are terrific.

  • Solid Surface counter top company being added soon.
  • Drywall company being added soon.
  • Home / Car / Life insurance agent being added soon.
  • Home Inspector being added soon.
  • General Contractor being added soon.

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