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At first I couldn't figure out why most of my clients were looking to relocate to Arizona. I finally realized that many locals have a family member, friend, or some other Arizona Realtor that is marketing to them already. Clients from out of town that are looking to relocate to Arizona don't know an Arizona Realtor so they go online and search for one and find me!

Arizona Vacation Homes

If you are an out of state buyer, then I am YOUR Realtor. About 50 percent of my clients that find me on the web are from out of state. Beacuse of this my business as an Arizona Realtor has grown to cater to the special needs that you have as person that is looking to relcoate to Arizona.

I know you are looking for a home fast. No sense in wasting money flying back and forth. Why should you consider me to be your Arizona Realtor? (Watch out here comes my big sales pitch.)

First I set up a search for homes fitting your criteria. That report is emailed to you daily. Then once we set a day for you to come look at homes I call every listing and book appointments so we have a very productive day. I usually even prevoew them ahead of time so we don't waste time looking at junky homes. Then once we spend a full day together looking I usually have a really good idea of what you are looking for.

If we don't find a home that first day (fingers crossed that we do) I will continue previewing homes for you. I take pictures of homes that I think you will like and upload them to the web so that you can access them easily. I also have a digital video camera where I can upload videos so you can get a "live" view of the home as well.

Once we do find a home that you wish to purchase I have a very convenient electronic document service so you can sign any contracts or addendums easily from your home via the internet. There are no packages to pick up and mail back. No need to fax things back and forth. Your purchase of an Arizona vacation home is very easy and convenient for you.
I've heard a lot of horror stories from people looking to buy a home in Arizona that there previous Realtor never called them back, or they flew all the way out here and they barely had any homes to go see so they wasted the time and money of coming.

I don't mean to brag but for most of my clients that relocate to Arizona I find them that perfect home after we have spent that initial day or two looking at homes. I just get a feel for whwat you want and then I go find it. I'm sort of like your very own personal home shopper.

My Peoria Arizona real estate website is about 3 years old now so I have had a lot of practice working with people that relocate to Arizona. The little box to the right on this page walks you through how I run my business and I hope you feel comfortable that if you decide to hire me that you are hiring an experienced Arizona Realtor that makes this process as painless as possible for you.

I know my website focuses on Peoria Arizona real estate, but that is mainly because if I tried to focus on all of Arizona I would get lost in cyberspace and no one would ever find me. My parents moved away from Arizona for a little while when I was young, but we have been back since I was 13. I hate to admit that's over 20 years ago now. I'm just mentioning it so you are comfortable contacting me even if you aren't looking to but in Peoria Arizona. I know my stuff and I am comfortable working in most parts of the valley.

(Here comes my gentle push hoping that you will hire me...)

To help you with your decision making process, here are a few links for you to get to know me better:

So if you are going to relocate to Arizona, buy an Arizona vacation home, or even are just looking to hire an Arizona Realtor then give me a call, OK?

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