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Arizona Realtors On Line Testimonials

If you came upon our web site looking for Arizona Realtors on line, I figured there was no better way to explain who I am than for you to read testimonials that my clients have written about me.

This is my favorite part of this web site. To think that anyone would take a moment of their time to write wonderful things about me blows me away. Part of me feels like I am just doing my job. No need to thank me for doing what is expected. But I do appreciate the kind words.

How Bobbi Saved Us $2,500

My girlfriend and I recently purchased a new construction home with Bobbi as our Realtor and after months the builder hadn't started construction. Bobbi found out for us that they didn't have the proper permits yet and everything was delayed.

We needed to move in within three months! We cancelled our contract and then to add insult to injury the builder wouldn't refund us the $2,500 deposit (they claimed they had 12 months to build even though when we bought they said it would have been done within six months).

Bobbi did warn us that she didn't like some of the language in the contract, but we figured that they were a big well known builder in Arizona so why worry. We really loved the home.

We wrote a letter to the builder, threatened to picket the development, made a lot of phone calls, but it was looking more and more like the builder wasn't going to give us our deposit back.

We ended up finding a spec home with another builder that was larger, a lower price, and in a better location. We had pretty much written off our deposit with the other builder and had moved on. Then one afternoon Bobbi calls us and gives us the great news.

We were getting our $2,500 deposit refunded!

I don't know how you did it Bobbi, but it felt like we had won a prize. Now we will be able to furnish our game room sooner than we thought. Thanks so much.

- Derrick and Lynn - Peoria, Arizona

Derrick and Lynn entering their new home
as home owners for the first time.
Arizona new homeowners
Thank you Derrick and Lynn. I'm not sure I did anything extra special. I just stayed on them until they gave me what you wanted. It might have just been persistence, or maybe good luck.

Most of all I am just happy it worked out for the two of you.

Maybe you can use that $2,500 to upgrade that front lawn package once the landscaper shows up. I bet Lynn says the game room can wait...

Sorry I Didn't Buy A Home With You

Bobbi, I know you are probably disappointed that I didn't buy a home with you, but I really do appreciate all the time you spent with me looking at properties. I know I used a lot of your time and gas.

When my co-worker needed to move and offered to sell me his house directly I had to jump on it, and he didn't want to pay a Realtor commission.

Thanks for understanding.

I promise I will refer people to you every chance I get.

- Terri T. - Phoenix, Arizona

Terri, it's about finding you a home, not me getting paid. Well, that has a little to do with it. I know the perfect situation presented itself to you. I would have done the same thing. Besides I am sure we will work together again someday.

UPDATE - Terri, thanks for the referral. I have already talked with Patsy and we are going to start looking for a home for her this weekend. I hope everything is going well for you. Thanks for your kind words and thanks even more for the introduction to Patsy.

Did My Home Just Sell In One Hour?

Bobbi, I know the real estate market is hot right now, but I wasn't expecting you to walk in with a buyer when you came back inside from putting the sign up out front. Even more surprising that they made an offer and my house sold. It was almost too fast.

That was crazy!

Also thanks for all your help with the new home buying process. There are so many decisions to be made. Without your many suggestions and attention to detail I wouldn't even have had a phone outlet in the den. The new home is great. We love it.

- Steven - Peoria, Arizona

Steven, I can't claim any super Realtor skills for the hot market. The buyer happened to be driving around the neighborhood while I was hanging up the for sale sign.

On the new home it really can be quite overwhelming having to pick all those options the day you decide to buy the home. I'm just glad you and the family have a great home in a great neighborhood.

Next time don't skimp on those kitchen upgrades though. Not only will your wife appreciate them, but when you are ready to sell they help with your resale value.

Let me know how things go with the contractor I referred to you to extend your patio, ok?

Thank You For Helping Us

Bobbi, our new home is gorgeous. I know it took a lot of time to find our home. Thank you for the wonderful house warming gift as well.

- Julie and Steve H. - Peoria, Arizona (now living in Phoenix)

Julie, no problem. I think it is fun to look at all the new homes. Helps me keep on top of what is out there, plus sometimes you pick up a neat decorating idea.

You promised to have me over once that pool if finished. I am going to hold you to it.

Arizona Realtors On Line Testimonials

Thank you everyone for writing these wonderful things about me. So often only the negative feedback gets voiced, but it truly is great to hear nice things.

Just like the back of my business card says, "The finest compliment I can receive is a referral from past clients and customers. Thank you for your trust."

Although these compliments are pretty darn cool.

Thanks again everyone,

Bobbi Herman

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