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For Sale By Owner Contracts

Hopefully you have come to this page because you are trying to find for sale by owner contracts to use in the state of Arizona. If you are looking for a different state, sorry you won't find it here. You'll have to try searching elsewhere.

You can right click on any of the for sale by owner contract links below and download the files directly to your computer. They are all PDF files so you are going to need the free Adobe Reader to view them.  

The Forms

First off it is a misconception that a for sale by owner seller has any contracts at all. As the seller you really don't. You list your home for sale, and the buyer brings a contract to you in the form of an offer.

Typically a buyer is going to be working with a Realtor that is going to be representing them in the purchase of your home. It's possible that they won't and in that case having a copy of the for sale by owner contracts (purchase contract) would be helpful. No matter if the buyer is working with a Realtor or not, you don't want the first time you have seen a Residential Purchase Contract to be when someone is making an offer on your home. I highly recommend you download the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract. Read it, understand it, if you have questions ask me.

The purchase contract is only one piece of the puzzle. Here are other forms you need to be aware of:

C.L.U.E Report Request Form. You use the form to request a history of any insurance claims on your home owner's policy. There is a nominal fee to obtain the report from the company (we do not receive any compensation). At the latest you need to provide this report to your buyer during their inspection period. I recommend you provide it as soon as possible which is why you should obtain the report prior to putting your home on the market.

If you do not want to pay for the report you can ask your home owner insurance company to provide you with a letter listing all of the claims over the past five years.

Seller's Property Disclosure Statement. This is completed by the seller to disclose to the buyer everything that the seller knows about the home. Like the form says right at the top, if in doubt disclose. This form is going to be the number one reason a buyer sues a seller after close of escrow. It will be because something wasn't disclosed. My recommendation is to have this form completed and if you accept an offer by a buyer, send this form to them with your acceptance.

HOA Addendum. This is another one of those forms that needs to be sent to your buyer within their inspection period. In Arizona that is usually ten days after acceptance of an offer. The form is to notify the buyer of any assessments on the home by the HOA, but also to determine who pays any transfer fees. Some home owner associations charge a fee when property is transferred, and some are ridiculously expensive.

Walk Through Checklist. This is filled out by the buyer typically 48-72 hours prior to closing. The buyer should go through the home and make sure everything is in the same (or better) working order as it was when the home was inspected.

Typically the buyer will pay a home inspector to inspect the home.  

If You Have Problems

If for some reason you are unable to download the for sale by owner contract and forms send me an email with your email address and I will send them over to you. Some of the files are large (the purchase contract is 9 MB) so if you use a free email address service you may need to provide your home address so that I can mail them to you.

I hope you find the for sale by owner contracts helpful. Occasionally there are other forms that are used, but it is rare. If something comes up and you need a different real estate contract let me know and I'll do my best to track it down for you. No promises, but I'll try. What I can not do is review or advise on the for sale by owner contract or negotiation process unless you hire me to represent you.

If you have downloaded all of the For Sale By Owner Contracts that you need, you should return to our Arizona FSBO section.

Of course if you become overwhelmed with the process I would be honored if you trusted me to represent you in the sale of your home. If you are determined to sell your home FSBO then I am limited in what I can help you with. I can't jeopardize my license if I am not truly a part of the transaction, but I'll do what I can.

Happy selling,

Bobbi Herman

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