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Arizona Homes for Sale by Owner

I understand many people wonder if they could list their homes for sale by owner.
These are the most common reasons given:

  • Desire to save money by listing the property yourself.
  • Don't know a Realtor that I can trust to work hard for my interests.
The overwhelming most common reason is wanting to save money. I understand that completely. I want to save money on everything I do too.

The second reason regarding not knowing a good Realtor is really a number of issues rolled into one. It is usually that the home owner had a bad experience with a Realtor. Maybe they listed their property and then did nothing else, maybe the Realtor was pushy, maybe they were not experienced, maybe the transaction didn't go very smoothly. Or possibly the home owner just didn't want to hire a Realtor that they didn't know very well.

There are also some concerns when listing your home for sale by owner:

  • How difficult is it, what do I need to do, how time consuming is this?
  • How can I get my home listed on the Arizona MLS?
  • Do I have all of the necessary paper work and forms?
  • Will I be held liable for any mistakes that may happen during the sale?
  • How much money will I really save?
  • What if I have questions?

I know you are here for information

Again I know you are on our website looking for information and don't want to be bothered by me. I also know that if you are on this page of the website you are at least interested in listing your home for sale by owner.

Let's Go Through Some of the Ways I Can Help You FSBO

  • !!Coming Soon!! - An Arizona FSBO Classified Section where you can upload and write as much as you want about your house for free. The more the better. Our website is ranked in the top 2% of all websites viewed on the web. Promote your home with us.
  • I offer clients that wish to list their homes for sale by owner access to a Flat Fee MLS service.
  • We have provided you downloadable For Sale By Owner Contracts that are most commonly used with a brief explanation of each.
  • You can visit our trusted Arizona business partners to interview and assemble your own team including an appraiser, home inspector, lender, title company, and a handyman. These businesses help my full service clients as well as those who sell their homes for sale by owner.
  • Tips on performing your own COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS so you can decide how much to list your home for.
  • FOR SALE BY OWNER TOOLS including where to go to purchase signs, a lock box, order virtual tours, and create brochures.
  • Straight talk discussing - How do I sell my house for sale by owner?
  • And maybe the most important part of all, WHAT TO EXPECT if you are going to list your home for sale by owner.

For Sale By Owner - Yes or No?

Once you review all of the information you can see that I am making it easy for you to work with me, but if you want to just use the information provided, go for it.

Finally for any of our FSBO clients that have started off by listing their homes for sale by owner, we are always appreciative if you change your mind and use my expertise to represent you in the sale of your home if you do become overwhelmed with the process.

As much as I would love to chat with you, you probably won't be contacting me soon if you are listing your home for sale by owner, but good luck to you. Call me if you change your mind.


Bobbi Herman

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