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How do I sell my house for sale by owner?

If you wonder,"How do I sell my house for sale by owner?" Then you have stumbled upon the right page. Some people are inclined to try and save some money and do things by themselves. I get that. I do the same thing in some instances.

I am going to try and answer "how do I sell my house for sale by owner?" for you as best I can. My hope is that I can gain some credibility with you, gain some trust, and then if you do decide you want some help that you will consider working with me for your real estate needs.

Not only do you need to know what you are doing, but I am also going to help you understand what you can expect if you do wish to sell your home for sale by owner.

What You Need To Know To FSBO

  • You need to determine your own financial situation with you home. How much do you owe on your home?
  • Next you need to determine how much your home is worth. You should perform your own Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). Be realistic. Do not have false expectations of your home's worth.
  • I highly suggest that you have your home listed in your local MLS. If you are located in the Phoenix, AZ area review a Read and understand the Arizona residential purchase contract
  • Clean your home. Keep it clean. Remove the clutter. Consider placing some of your nonessential furniture in storage. You want the home to look spacious. Consider consulting with a home staging company.
  • Try to look at your home from the eyes of a potential buyer. Notice the little things that need to be repaired or touched up. Fix them. If a buyer is considering more than one home, don't give them any excuses to eliminate yours. Would you buy your home again?
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint. It is inexpensive, a little time consuming, but freshens up the home.
  • Read our section on WHAT TO EXPECT.
  • Realize that if a home is on the market for more than 45 days that the likelihood of the home selling starts dropping exponentially. This is usually because the home is over priced.
  • Get a professional looking sign for your front yard.
  • Print color fliers and make them available to drive by traffic.
  • Decide if you will hold an open house. Newspaper advertising is arguably dead for the real estate industry. Try to piggy back on the advertising and traffic of the other open houses in the neighborhood.
  • If you do receive a contract offer read it completely. Know you can make a counter offer.
  • If you don't understand the contract or the offer, make sure to ask the buyer's agent a lot of questions. They must be truthful with you, but you are not their client. Read up on a Realtor's fiduciary duty to understand how a Realtor is required to act because of their real estate license.
  • If you still are uncomfortable with the contract offer you can reject it, or negotiate with a Realtor to represent you. There is a decent chance you can negotiate a discounted fee since you already have a buyer.
  • If you receive a good offer, accept the offer. Congratulations your home is nearly sold.
  • Be sure to comply with all of your disclosure requirements while the inspection period is in effect.
  • Perform any acts that were included in the accepted contract prior to closing. Keep up with the home maintenance.
  • On closing day make sure the home is empty (check the attic), clean your home because that is the right thing to do, bring your house keys, take a final picture with your family out front, and get ready to move into your new home.

Obviously This is Simplified Information About
How Do I Sell My House For Sale By Owner

I hope this fairly long list helps you answer the question, "how do I sell my house for sale by owner". But realize this is a very general list. It is impossible to explain how do I sell my house for sale by owner on one page, and honestly impossible to explain everything that happens or could happen while selling your home on a web site.

I have been buying and selling real estate in Arizona for years now and I feel like I still learn something new during every transaction. I have listed some basic information here.

I don't want to imply that selling a home is like an accountant working with the tax code, or an attorney representing someone in a law suit, but real estate is a very broad concept that touches legal, tax, investment, finance, retirement, sales, psychology, design, home improvement, and more.

I'll wrap up similar to how this page began. While I understand there are some people that are interested in learning how do I sell my house for sale by owner to save some money. You probably wouldn't do your own taxes or represent yourself in a legal matter if there were hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. But for some reason, some people feel that they can represent themselves in their real estate transactions. A lot of that probably has a lot to do with the quality of the real estate agent industry in general. But I still feel most people will be better off working with a professional.

Understand that there are a lot of factors, it can be very simple or it can be very complicated. If you do decide to sell your home yourself know that if you change your mind I will be happy to help.

If you are still looking for more information about how do I sell my house for sale by owner, visit our for sale by owner section to continue your research.

If I have answered how do I sell my house for sale by owner well enough and you are confident to give it a go contact me directly and let me know.

Good luck selling your home,

Bobbi Herman

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